Thursday, December 13, 2007

10:45 pm Bill in Penryns says Charlie is still his darlin'. John in Nottingham asks when the European Sstate Capital transfers to Berlin. DS in Cromer says as long as we are in Europe wwe cannot control our bodersd. Geoff in Norfolk says a referndum merely counts the ignorant. Graham in Corby says that if Brown had gone, he'd be accused of putting Europe first. Another long pause..

Pat in Broadstairs says something complciated about Kirstie Alsop. Jock in Brigg says teh underpaid police should arrest Brown. Clairein Lances says Hazel is smug and self-satisfied. A comment from Anon about the minders - I don't like anons.

Mags in Cornwall says she agrees with Piers Morgan.

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