Thursday, December 13, 2007

11:02 pm David in Torquay shays we should cancel the Olympics to save the money. Long long pause here new messages. Jock in brigg asks again what the speed trap money is being spent on. Keith in Bury says he's fed up about hearing about Diana. Richard in Kent says again "oh no not Diana again". Lucy in London asks if we can leave Diana alone. NIgel in Leeeds says that Kirtie's acfent means she's a Tory. Long pause again Lisa in Eccles asks about what happened to hte Peruvian Earthworms - asks if they've beeb sacrified for inflatino. Anon says about Diana - she die, the nned. Pat in Liverpool says its the drivers fault not the cameras. Mark in camelford says whay are we so obsessedin the past. Simon oin Torquay says she died because of a drubk driver end of stsory. Jim in Glasgow asks if Joe Bloggs death would still be an issue at this stage. Lorraine in Barnsley says its teh best QT in ages and worth staying up for. IF in Brentford says Kirstie talks sense. Pedro in Glasgow says sys the lesson from Diana's death is don't drink and drive

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