Thursday, December 13, 2007

11:08 pm Kavin in Salfrod says Rich people get inquest and poor people don't. T in Somerset says Kirstie talks a lot of sense. Zed in Middlesbrough says Kirstie knows nothing. Andy in Glasgow laments the death of Joe Bloggs. For God's sake give the Peruvian Earthworms a decent burial from Anon. Fred in Berwisk says its good that house prices are down. Simon in Torquay cna only afford a tent. Joe Bloggs says he still alive. Lon long pause.

Baggie in Wolverhampton asks us to get Hazel a canoe. Simon in Torquay comes back with his tent mortage story. Mark in camelford says hooray nowmore hosue makeover shows. Paul in Hertofrd says flats are called apartments now. Leein Newcastle asks which colour Hzel recommend sfor him paintin his toilet. Gaqrry in Birmingham says he can't afford a ladder let alone get his foot on it. Jack in troon says it's all Kirstie's fault. Col in Sheffield asays people shuldn't be allowed to buy second or third homes. Rob in boreham says he can't affor dto pay the rent. itch in sheffield says we should ramp upo hosue building. Moira in Dundee asks how mayny times we have heard the "build more houses" malarkey. Haden in Oswestry says banks are still thowin money at people they shouldn't. Stan in Morely says the prograame is as interesting as ackground muzak,

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