Thursday, December 13, 2007

10:54 pm Martyn in Northumberland asks if Dimblebaboon only interrupts Blears. (Actually, as Dimble is interrupting Kenndey). Daivin Idle Hill asks who would arrest the policed if they went on strike. Nigel in Beds tells txter pat that Kirstie is teh best thing on the show. Chris in Stevenage says that the English are subsifing the Scottish police. Alan in Kent asks if the MP's will get a 1.9% payrise. Nicky in Leeds asks what payrise the MPs will give themselves. Mike in Lincs says poiuring money into public serices is bad. Elliot in Shrops says the olice should strike now. Mark in Chester says the taxpayer should come first, not the police. Phil in Stoke says the police deserve their backpay because they work for coppers (hoho). Paul in Bristol hopes MPs accets a 2% payrise. Mike in Chingford says we shold watch out for more police speed traps to help make up the money shortfall. Bob in Aberdeen asks why public servants should pay for Bonws mistakes. Peter in Barnsley says no one has proved that inflation is bad (!!)

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