Thursday, December 13, 2007

Magsin Cornalls says for goodness sake stop printing these stupied texts about Peruvian Eartherwoms]
GD in Norfolk asks how grduates can repay mortages with loans to repay. David in Hants asks ithere's a shortage why are prices falling. Simon in Torquaty says the best managers are wither cab drivers or barbers.

Erik in Dundee says "we like peruvian earthwoms mags"

CKS in Derbyshire questions if Hazel is posh. Neil in Harwich asks if ther are any English football plaeyers i our teams. Pause Bill in Lincs says Capello can't do any worse than the previous two idiots. Sarah in cheshiure asks who wants a countryside looking like Sheffield. Pedro in Glasgow says Harry Redknapp was robbed. Bill in Penryn says it shte FA that's a liability. Sandra in Londo nsays Copello won't give in to digficult players. Rob in London says the Englsih tema is full of English people. I was bor on Peri and I care about Eerathwowmws says Mikein Hemel Hempstread. Peter in Barnsley says having a non-English manager doens not bode well.
CJT in Dartmouth asks if Simon is the only person in Torquay watching.

Pete in cambridge days to bring back major.

Gary B in Uxbridge says Gordon doesn't like a currey (joke re Major?). I an Earthwodm from Boliviacan I claim asylum - Ian No place. GP in Cornwall says WHaale posh quite northern is priceless.

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