Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's 10.35 and Ceefax 155 is On

10:35 I'm not interested in the telly. I'm intersted in that little Ceefax panel at the bottom. The first txt is from Robin in Coulsdon says he's happy to be the first txter. Rick and Julie in Bristol say something clever about "location location location" Graham in Cornwall says something about politics and Xmas. Jay in Montrose says Brown bottled it and is a disgrace. Sheila, AScol says to txters that we should enjoy it because it won@t be possible when we go digital. Crispin, Beare says that Brown was signing away the nexct election. David in Devizes makes a joke about David Milliband's "brother", Glen. Hohoh. Ed in Kent (old mate) says its criminal that Brown has signed without a referndum.

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