Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our First Giggle - The Pertinent Fishie

10:52 PM Jan in Devon says that Moira in Glasgow missed some cracking txts last week. Mike in Cheshire (from last week surely) asks what happens with the used CDs. Ron in Devon says there is too much information in one place and he wouldn't have an ID card. SD in Cambs says they'd rather go to jail than pay for their own ID card. I can't see the point of that comment, personally. Joe in Alloa says ID cards should go to "people coming in to our country". I think that means immigrants? Why does the BBC always push comments on immigrants to the fore? Or is it my imagination.

Geo in Hartlepool asks why the Scots are so unhappy given that England lost in football yesterday. Tony in Somerset says we have proof that this Government is not fit for purpose. Jim in Glasgow says he's had three fishies from banks this week - beware. Now, I think I know what a fishie is - it's a jokey-Scottish term for a "phish" email asking for personal details. That's a Hohoho.

John in Birmingham reckons the disks may still be in the sorting office at the Post Office. Del in Nottingham says the Government is fit for nothing.

This is all far too tame. Here we are on the BIGGEST BLODDY SCREW UP FOR PERSONAL ONLINE DATA IMAGINABLE OF ALL TIME and people are wittering away, blaming each other and making apologies - this is truly apalling. The txts are far too benign. The thing has lost its bite. This is all too flat. I'm a revolutionary and I want to get cross but it feels to me like I'm watching another LibDem leadership shootout with spudguns.

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