Thursday, November 22, 2007

We Start At Last

10:40 PM Dimblebottom says we're in Glasgow with a full panel - a schoolgirl called Sturgeon (in red), a firey-looking Alexander (in red), David Steele from Spitting Image (in grey), Annabel Torysomeone (in grey and red), Aaronovitch Journosomething (in grey) and Dimblepersona himself (grey with funnytie ensemble). Oh my God - it's the same old faces!!! The same old we're-in-Scotland-wheelout-our-famous-Scots a same-old token journo to wind us all up again and increase ratings. Cut the politicos and stick with the Aaronoviches, I say. Give us unfettered spice. Give us gobshites not semi-humans struggling in the cavern between partyline and genuine strong opinion. I'm pent up and raring...

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