Thursday, November 22, 2007

ID Cards Hit On The Head?

10:42 Bill in Eaglesham says he's glad that QT is coming from the real centre of the Earth and thinks English viewers will be impressed. Julie and Rick in Bristol have checked their bank statements and found that that have just enough to txt QT. Baz in Notts asks how we sack Brown. Someone says "It's not me txting in but someone who has stolen my details". Hoho

Steeley panelist man waffles about how great he used to be and puts me to sleep. Kenny in Loch Lomond thinks that QT in Scotland will show us what debating really is. So I'll watch the txts to see how many Scots txt in.

Bob in Orkney (the Scots are well busy tonight) say that Blair's details should have been stolen. John in Birmingham asks why things are sent by post.

I'm looking for the common theme...but it's not hitting me yet.

One of the politician woman says it's a gloomy mess. Yaaawn.

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