Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Death Knell - LibDems Again

11:06 PM Al in Buxton (hang on - we were there last week. Go away Al in buxton!) says online forms have got many boxes to fill in. Er...yes, wonderful. Julie in Kelso says she'd rather have a bovine tag in her ear than an ID card. Ian in Lancs says Greg Dyke was honourable.

Mark in Camelford asks why the Government is hell bent on pushing ID cards. Andy in Liverpool (my ol' mate) says he'd like to buy someone drink.

David in Leeds would like the missing disks to be those of the Spice Girls.

Then......a question on the future of Trident and something about the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!!!!!! Arrrrgggggghhhh. We had all that last week. Boooo.

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