Thursday, November 22, 2007


8:11 PM If I tell you that in England's football game against Croatia last night we had 56% posession, I'm giving you data about the game. This is often referred to as "metadata", or "data about something".

Our world of txt is a "metashow". It's a show about a show. It can't exist without the TV show, but it is something distinct in its own right. The QT Extra show is a metashow too. By the time we have active blogging, the website, the txts and the-TV-show-after-the-TV-show we're going to have more metashow than show.

One day QT will broadcast for about 3 minutes and we'll be blogging and txting for a couple of days on it. Like the monks in that joke who sit silently but every now and then call out a number which makes everyone laugh: the numbers, it transpires, refer to a list of jokes and when someone shouts "10", everyone recalls joke number 10 and has a good titter.

Eventually, we won't even need the show.

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