Friday, November 23, 2007

The Peruvian Earthworm Goes Global

4:04 PM I can't remember why I first txted about the Peruvian Earthworm on QT. It's clearly a subconscious Pythonesque irrelevant reference which I found particularly funny at one point. It's now found a fond and regular spot among QT txters and their watchers.

sasha13 on the answerbank blog asks "On the texts that were being sent into Question Time last night, peruvian earthworms kept being mentioned. What was that all about??"

Daz in Herts on the QT blog also notes that "At least Gordon never put VAT on Peruvian earthworms." And an anonymous txter calls themselves "Peruvian Earthworm"

Disgusted Dorothy in Glasgow made a reference in The Herald who said about the QT debate: "The most interesting thing to emerge was the peruvian earthworm, the lady who had written her Christmas cards (which spurred me into action!) and the lady who had done all her ironing"

Someone calling themselves "The writer is a TV producer" notes on The First Post "Now, whenever the debate lags, Peruvian earthworm questions appear on Ceefax"

cosmo s on the Conservatives notice board on Yahoo's politics section notes "I have come to realise that the Peruvian earthworm would probably form a more credible least there would be no need for the press to dig the dirt..... "

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