Thursday, November 22, 2007

Txts and Emails - 2,458 Of The Buggers

8:03 PM It's getting time to settle down and watch QT as a blogger for the second week. Over the weekend, I sat through the web version of the TV show QT Extra - the "show after the show" which analyses the show. It replayed a few txts and gave some key facts. In all, it helped clarify and shape the txt community in which I now live on a Thursday night.

It looks like the BBC want to get a large number of txts and emails from people like us. In a wonderful moment of dataconfusion, Chris Eaking, the QT Extra presenter, said they had "around 2,500" txts and emails last week which was "a little bit low". That's the good bit - "a little bit low". He said "3,200 is good" and "2,800 is generally not so good" and "3,000 is about average". So yes, Chris, 2,500 is not "a littl bit low" at all. It's pants if you're trying to boost the numbers. It's a failure. It's official - the LibDems put us to sleep. But I suppose they'd better cover them on QT once a year (I think that's the current frequency of leadership elections) as part of their public service duty.

In fact, the figure was 2,458 according to Eakin at the end of the show.

So were we txters right? Answer - patently yes. The show WAS dull and we knew it would be - the interaction from the audience on emails and txts confirmed it.

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