Saturday, November 17, 2007

Txters Are The Show

12:21 PM I'm banging on to Pepdoc in Reading about QT txters. He's a real human, not especially a txter, with a real name, but for the sake of convention, we agreed that if I was to blog him then a tag would be better than a real name.

He doesn't watch QT and gives the reasons why without hesitation: the show is too formulaic, it is too staged, Dimbleperson is too arrogant. The truth hits me. The first two are exactly why I now watch it….or rather why I tune in.

It is precisely because the broadcast is so predictable that the world of txting around the the show has become such an interesting place.

The TV show IS apalling and that is exactly why txting about it is so worth doing. If the show was relevant, pertinent, informative and entertaining then I guess we wouldn't be txting.

Txting is the bit that now makes the show interesting for me (and others?). In fact, we are not "augmenting" the TV show when we txt - we are creating our own show. We are the show.

And that's why the minute the TV show started on Thursday night, I had already zoned out from the broadcast before the first word had been spoken. The show is poor - and that's what has created the counterworld in txtland.

But on Dimbleboy, I disagreed with Pepdoc - I still think he's a god.

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