Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ask The Audience

10:58 PM Cliff in Manchester suggests on txt that we ask the audience questions instead of asking the panelists. Still no comments on Peruvian Earthworms.

The greymen are lathering now about Trident. Redtie is talking very earnestly about "once in a generation opportunities". Earnest, earnest, earnest.

SJ from Herts (again) txts and says we are watching "invisible men". Andy in Essex txts in and asks if we can have a power cut. We're not getting a good on-screen txt banter going yet - the BBC editors need to get more imaginative. Jim in Buxton makes (the second) joke about "drinking the local water". (The show is from Buxton). Sarah in Bath suggests that the two blokes on the telly make Gordon Brown look interesting and John in Southend says "I'm a Liberal Democrat get me out of here". Excellent - now we're smoking.

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