Thursday, November 15, 2007

Can I Watch Your Paint Dry?

10:54 PM Tony in Ramsgate asks if anyone is decorating and if so, could he come round and watch the paint dry. John in Shrewsbury asks why the panelists are standing up. Good point John - more indepth probing from the British public. John in Preston invites us not to "underestimate these men". I think he's serious. This could mark a turning point in what the BBC gods choose to post on the blue txt box on the screen. Nope - SJ from Herts calls them "deluded toffs" and we're back (thankfully) in the fun zone. Ed in Kent valiantly tries to elevate the debate by asking on txt if the LibDems will bring troops home. Anon ("a lib dem voter") says it's time for bed - God if the LibDems are going to bed......??

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