Thursday, November 15, 2007

About me...

10.00 PM Half hour to go. I should really tell you about me? I have no vested interest in this at all. (Neither does the BBC - they are not part of this at all) My work is advising creative firms such as those in media, fashion, design, marketing and internet on business - nothing to do with why I'm writing this. I come home shagged on a Thursday night most weeks and flake out in front of the telly, a thing which I have over the years come to value less and less. Question Time has emerged as almost the last thing I look forward to watching. But like many people, all I seem to do is sit down, watch it and start to rant. I'm sure it brings out the Meldrew in all of us.

My txts - if they ever get shown by the mad editors behind the scenes at QT - are marked from 'Mark in Reading'. Because my name is Mark and I live on the edge of Reading.

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