Friday, November 16, 2007

On Dimblebody

09:09 AM It's now the morning after and I'm electing to tidy up some of the apalling spelling mistakes and typos on the blog from last night. I reflect that I never gave Dimblebody any airspace, and I should have. He would wrestle the question answerers back on course, he would interject and shape in a brilliant way - clever, prepared and with wit. The man is absolutely amazing. I think if he did QT with a troupe of budgies, he could make it work.

But he patently hates the technology, almost gagging as he is forced to tell viewers each week about the txting facility and quaintly muffing his "www" when giving us the web address.

Maybe there's a way to make "chairing", the job he does, something we could enjoy online as well? I have no idea how this could work. For goodness sake, don't get him reading out txts as the poor wooden devils on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme have to. No, his brilliance lies in context-sensitive interjection - and a bit of that might play well on the txts. Not sure.

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