Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Post

It's 9:37 PM on a Thursday evening and I settled down for the evening looking forward to Question Time on BBC2 later this evening. The real joy is now that the QT action takes place not on the telly, but on a Ceefax page (number 155) where a merry band of sad rogues like me send txt messages commenting on the show.

I've grown to love this txting forum. It's actually taken over completely from QT itself. I'm now sitting down and looking forward to txting. My thumb's out, my phone's plugged in, charged and ready to go.

But now, I'm taking it one level further with a live blog. My plan is to blog live while QT is one and to tell the real truth behind the Poppy debate, the Peruvian Earthworm debate and the shape and colour of David's tie debate.

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