Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nuclear Deterrents

11:00 PM We're going to spend £15bn to £20bn on nuclear weapons, national interest, earnest speeches, impassioned verbiage from the TV screen, an audiencebloke says on the telly that the debate is getting tangled and asks "How Do We Play A Really Serious Role in The World?" and something about disarming and Neville in Southamption is talking about Chris Hulme's tie. Robert in Halesowen says it has the impact of a Parish Council meeting. The two greymen on the floor of the TV studio are fervent, earnest, sincere - now talking about Belarus, the US new balistic defensive system which Gordon Brown "signed up to in secret on 25th July" and Chris in Edinburgh is txting to Robert in Scotland that he can get tablets for his condition - I missed what condtion it was - bugger, another joke passed me by.

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