Thursday, November 15, 2007

Free At The Point of Use

11:18 PM We're now getting very passionate on the telly about the principles of the NHS and how important it is that it remains free at the point of use. Every fourth word uttered by the greymen is now emphasised and they rant. Malcolm in Leeds asks "How Many Shopping Days To Christmas?" on the txts and I'm now getting interested in the txt zone again. On the telly, a lady asks the greymen how they were educated and they blabber on about how despite their private education, the state system should give the best start in life and how "real" we should get about the role of knowledge blah blah blah, bigger investment, blah blah.

"Earthworm" on the txts says "I'm off to Peru". Hail!!! The Peruvian Earthworm phenomen appears on the txts once again and the evening's show reaches a heady new height.

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