Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Breath To Reflect

11:10 PM It's actually hard work typing while reading txts and listening to the telly. So what have I learned so far...pause to reflect.

OK, I've paused...One of the blokes is getting very earnest about food being on kids' plates and a txt cheers me up by comparing one of the greymen to "the noddy dog in the adverts". Probly the Churchill dog. Ella in Wakefield says on txt that she'd prefer to be stuck in a lift with one of the greymen rather than Cameron and Brown. AGJ in Essex asks on the txts about immigration policies again. (Why are the BBC always putting this issue up?)

The greymen are waving their hands and saying "one other point..." and the tone of voice is now more earnest, almost hectoring...they're talking on public services and local people and how desperately important everything is. Dee in London texts in says says Mr Clegg (one of the greymen apparently) is too serious. She's right.

Hton in Hamilton txts in and asks "Was that Noddy in the audience?" Rachel in Sheffield txts in and asks another txter a question, but I it's gone before I note who she was referring to. Ben in London txts that the BNP will be the third party in time.

A greyman drones about "difficult and complex areas". Something to do with the NHS, but I've lost the plot.

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