Thursday, November 15, 2007

Engaging More Young People

11:30 PM Redtie greyman says he has a similar birthday to Cameron but there is a gulf because he was apalled by a "dismal soulless vision" of Thatcher. Val in Yorkshire says on txts that the txters should go home and read their Beanos. Chris in Yorkshire says on the txts that 16-year olds shouldn't vote.

Cliff in Manchester txts (again!) and says the txters tonight are the best ever and Penny in Brighouse admonishes Ben in London on his txted comments about the BNP. But...Sandra in Hull txts in that she shall now vote LibDem.

A questioner from the floor in the TV studio asks how the greymen will engage young people and they read out a list of..civil liberties..injustices etc and say, simply, "therefore, young people should get involved". Jim in Glasgow says on the txts that we shouldn't moan about the show - we should turn over to ITV. I think that's how we get young people involved - wry comments.

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