Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Point Beating Round The Bush

10:34 PM The bloke on the left (redtie) says "now is a great time to draw a line" under stuff that's happened in the past. Wow - straight in to political speak. The txts flood in - Trevor in Leeds asks if "only two panelists" is due to BBC cutbacks. Good point Trev. DG in Norfolk comments on the sullen-looking audience. AJ in Essex shouts that it's "no chance" for either liberal candidate. Gary B from Uxbridge says something vaguely poignant and Dave in Montrose says "I'm off to bed". (This was a line in previous shows which I always txted after 10 minutes into the show) Paulie in Halsall asks if anyone has a chair. A strange question - but it seems to make perfect sense - quick txt her and give her the name of our local furniture store! Susie in Leeds shouts "Two grey suits - Whooppee!". Now it's getting emotional and really interesting and the txts have definitely taken over from the TV sound and visuals.

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