Friday, November 16, 2007

43 Credits

o8:25 AM Last night's show owes everything to the contribution of the txters. I estimate that around 120 txts were shown - I felt I was noting down comments on about 1-in-3 and reading back through the blog, it seems I referenced 43 separate txters.

Special thanks then to all those who participated - people I will never know but who have become 'friends' or 'aquaintances', with their own political views and sense of humour. I'll reference them again in future broadcasts, no doubt, and I'm sure when I read back, I'll find some will appear more than once - they'll form their own traits and personalities and I'll find that there are some I like and some I don't - the same will apply to them. It's our community.

Special credits and thanks then to those 43 txters who I referenced in this week's blog: Trevor in Leeds, DG in Norfolk, Gary B from Uxbridge, Dave in Montrose, Paulie in Hallsal, Susie in Leeds, Val in Yorkshire, Chris in Yorkshire, Cliff in Manchester, Ed in Kent, Penny in Brighouse, Sandra in Hull, Sarah in Bath, Jim in Glasgow, Mike in Stoke, Margaret in Glasgow, Malcolm in Leeds, Ella in Wakefield, AJ in Essex, "Earthworm", Hton in Hamilton (yes, that's how it was spelt on the TV), D in Cheshire, Dee in London, Rachel in Sheffield, Ben in London, Robert in Halesowen, Viv in Falmouth, Ray in Fleetwood, Neville in Southamption, Chris in Edinburgh, Robert in Scotland, SJ from Herts, Andy in Essex, Jim in Buxton, John in Southend, Tony in Ramsgate, John in Shrewbury and John in Preston, Steve O in West Yorks, Erik in Dundee, Rob in Aberdeen, Paulie in Halsall (that's how it was spelt onscreen), Julie in Herts and Peter in Liverpool and Andy in Liverpool.

And special credit if your txts were posted by the BBC last night more than once. Truly legendary status - celebs within our txt community.

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