Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Difference Between The Candidates

11:06 PM One of the greymen says something about Green Taxes and Dimblebody interrupts the greyman to ask if there is actually any difference between them on this subject - the answer is no so we move on. Great telly.

A bloke from the floor asks "How Do We Tell Which Of You Is Which?" What a great question - he's reflecting exactly what we've been saying on the txts since 22:30. One of the greymen says "people have been turned off" and they "need to reach out to people". Errrrrr....I've heard that a million times. Margaret in London is getting irate on the txts reminding texters that "we need a third party". One greyman on the telly says he's 13 years older than the other and that should help us tell the difference between the two greymen. Very helpful. I think one of them (bluetie, I think) had made a quip about their ties being a good way to tell the difference.

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