Thursday, November 22, 2007

All Me Mates - See You Tonight

8:21 PM So I'm thinking now who will join in tonight. Loads more names to look forward to, with some already mentioned, all gleaned from last week's QT Extra broadcast on the web:

Ed inKent, SJ in Herts, David in Leek, Ian in Stoke on Trent, SL in Herts, Sarah in Bath, Simon in Oldham, Debbie in Buxton, Ajit in Manchester, Neville in Southampton, LR in Sheffield, Seamus in Leicestershire, Robert in Halesowen, G Mason in Derby, Chris Bovey in Totnes, R Dickinson in Sheffield, Frank Greaney in Formby, Gordon in Aberdeen, Andy in Derby, Mary Clarke in Seaford, Chris Jones in Bristol, Joe Deri in St Helens, John Minard in Sheffield, L Reynolds, Andy in Derby, Steve in Birmingham, Tony from Ramsgate, Mark from Kent, Ray in Fleetwood, Ian from Yarm, Steve in Dorset, Jo in Bristol, Paul in Belvedere, DJP in London, AGJ in Essex, John Purdy in London, ben in London, Pat in South Yorks, Dee in London, Ron in London, Mel from Hull, Jake in Plymouth, Steve Ellis in Welling, Dom in Northahnts, Tony in Norwich, Dave in the West Midlands, Mick in Reading, Tom in Norwich and Dominic in Northampton. And more. See you tonight lads.

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