Thursday, November 22, 2007

Leave My Darling Alone

11:11 PM Ian in Somerset asks if he gets interest on his loan to Northern Rock. Davy in Fife asks the football score from last night (hoho - another witty Scot trying to wind up the English). Phil in Stoke says the football plyaers last night should have had ID cards becuse they obviously didn't know each other. Another hoho on that one.

Dimblebottom says something which makes people laugh - I love those moments, but again, I miss it. Doesn't matter - the laughter was shared, the tone lifted, I briefly smelled excitement and thought "There IS a God!".

But no. Pedestrianism is but a txt away as John in Carshalton says Labour is in meltdown. Tendai in Brentwood tells another txter off, but I miss the point. I like these cross-screen references.

David in Surbiton asks what is the point of the LibDems - we had that question last week. Yaaaawn. Come on Beebie editors - buck up.

A "Mrs Darling" asks us to leave her "Darling" alone. Another hoho.

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