Thursday, November 22, 2007

Even The Txts Don't Do It For Me

11:15 PM CT in Croydon says we should bring back Paddy Ashdown. Keith in Shropshire says we had enough of LibDems last week. S Crees in Pontefract says Huhne comitted suicide in last week's debate. Jack in Eastbourne says it should have been pistols at dawn but I don't pretend to understand that one.

Andy in Reading says to Davy (that must be 'Davy in Fife' from the previous post) that he thought all Scots had died with laughter. I like these conversations - Andy in Reading wasn't txting to "us" the viewers, he was txting to Davy and we kind of "overheard" the conversation. Love it.

A new question from the TV floor...How do you justify Scottish MPs voting on English issues? (Have we not heard this before Ad Nauseam? Zzzzzz)

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