Thursday, November 22, 2007

ID Card Banality Overcomes Me

11:00 PM We now get blessed with stunning insight from the txters. Phil in Hants says he will not have an ID card. Becky in Lincs says there wouldn't be enough room to send us all to jail if we all refused to get ID cards.

Ian in Birmingham asks if one of us has Gordon Brown's details. Wayne in Glos says the driving licence is an ID card. John in Bexhill says the two CDs are going out with the Mail on Sunday. Good on you John.

Tess in Dartford asks for fixed term parliaments.

ID Card banality? General banality. I can't believe how angry I am about the stupid twats who *post* 25 million items of personal data and *forget* encryption. It is such monumental pants that I'd be expecting a riot on the floor of the BBC QT TV studio - but what we get is "I'd like a fixed term parliament".

Steve in Essex says it seems fashionable to criticise the Government of the day - er yes Steve, we've just lost 25m personal records????

Mike in East Yorks says he has a passport for his ID. Ken in Lincs (again) asks Scotland to take brown back. Gaary in Lanark asks how we can vote Labour. Trev in Birmingham threatens to sue the Government.

Scottish lady (the Tory one) is frowning earnestly. MG in cambs says they hope terrorists don't get hold of the disks.

Why is this so flat? It's not going anywhere!

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